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Financial and Strategic Advisory Work for Technology and Media Companies

Financial Modeling/forecasting, M&A and fundraising have been the focus of my work for the past three years.

I’m a media, technology and finance executive with more than 16 years of experience and sitting down with executives and founders and working with them to achieve their most audacious goals is a huge thrill for me. In doing this I leverage my past career experience and my ongoing skills accumulation to fundraising, generating new revenue growth, negotiating partnerships and M&A engagements (buy and sell side).

In addition to the traditional qualifications for a strategic and financial advisor (MBA, communication skills, project management experience, contract negotiations) my experience includes the following elements that have allowed me gain and retain clients:

• Consistent success in managing or working with cross-functional teams that include engineers, creatives, marketing professionals, and external partners.

• Excellent financial modeling ability that has been applied to many different business models and reporting/analysis structures.

• An aptitude to quickly understand industries and business models, be conversant in them and model them.

• A strong track record of strategy development, managing business profit and loss and overseeing robust business growth.

• Extensive, executive level client management and negotiation including wide ranging content acquisition, content distribution and technology services.

I’m always looking forward to working with smart, focused people, apply my skills/experience and sometimes take an interim position or circle back when needed. This is recent example:

I was engaged by the former GM of the second largest music management agency to help him launch a new agency that would not only address an under-served, growing market (hip hop and RnB) but also redefine the music management business model itself (increase the actual services to managers through outsourcing, partnerships and strategic consults, a more favorable revenue split for managers all while covering the downside risk for the agency). This wasn’t the first time I had worked on a project in the music industry but I hadn’t had any experience in the management agency model so it was an exciting challenge.

The CEO was bringing six of his artists with him and our goal was to land a strategic partner with tangible services and/or industry gravitas as well as funding for 24 months.

In the following 8 months we developed the core model and partnership/investment models for strategic investors until we signed with the owner of a record label that has the gravitas and funding needed to launch and expand the new agency.

After 12 months of operation the company was 6 months ahead of revenue projections with incoming investment and partnership interest. In March of this year coronavirus necessitated the shutting down of all live touring shows (the majority of the revenue for artists) with the reopening timeline uncertain. The agency needed to pivot to a new business model to address the new environment and for its own survival. After assessing and forecasting the new agency landscape we developed the insight that the large agencies (Live Nation, Red Light Management etc.) would downsize by reducing their manager/artist roster significantly. Within the culled were managers that still had very viable businesses but because of the previous dependence (and heavy rev share) on the agencies they had no tools or structure to build or run their businesses.

So we recreated the model and approach. The agency leveraged their core competencies and advantages – the CEOs industry reputation, significant industry network, low overhead costs and the expertise in managing artists and agency. Then combined it with an outsourced business management partners (at a reduced rate) to then offered these managers business startup and consulting partnership for a smaller percentage of their revenue. This gives the agency the ability to address the new market and apply its capabilities with a lower cost, higher scalable model that still keeps a lower risk profile. In the short time since the coronavirus hit the agency has signed three managers to this new model with ongoing recruiting efforts. This has stabilized the business and gives it the ability to scale. There will still be adjustments ahead but this pivot puts the agency in the position to grow in the short term and to be a player once live touring opens back up in 12 to 24 months time.

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